What The Power of Less Teaches Me.

8 Feb

In my previous post, I talked about The book I have read – The Power of Less, it is a book teaches you how to simplify your life and improve your productivity. A really great book, because I am following what Leo Babauta teaches me in the book now.

What I have changed? Not much, but it is impressive to me. From the book, Leo teaches us to break our goal down into manageable task and focus on single task at a time. You know what? This really work, I am able to complete more task in a day and increase my efficiency. I can now complete my important task before 12p.m everyday, and I can relax and do some others task then.

Also, I created some new habits, and a morning + evening routine, I wake up at 6a.m everyday,  do some exercise, bath & brush my teeth, choose my three most important tasks of the day, read news, and read books, and all these done before 8a.m,  then I start to do my three most important tasks, mostly 2/3 are related to my work. As I said, I manage to complete all of these three before 12p.m most of the time. Then I started my evening routine at 6p.m to 7p.m, I will review my day, do some exercise, bath and read news again. This mean I will do no more task today and start to relax the rest of the day.

One more thing is I got a minimalist desk now. I clean up everything on my desk the second day when I finished the book, when I writing this post, I only have my macbook, a note, and a bottle of water on my desk. This really help me to focus on what I have to do, really focus.

By following The Power of Less, I am now living a healthy life, a simplify life and better work environment, and I am still improving in order to make me more productive!

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  1. mum 08. Feb, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    very good, got inprove, carry on and i will support you all the time.

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