Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain

7 Mar

Today, I want to share a great video, so don’t waste your time, watch the short video by Seth Godin!

Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain from 99% on Vimeo.

17 books read in 2 months!

5 Mar

One of my goal in this year is to read 100-150 books, and I think I am doing really good, I have read 17 books in 2 months and the number is keep growing. I am not doing any fast reading, in fact I take many note to make sure I can refer back and not to miss anything. The two screenshot below are the short list of book I have read, which included E-books and Books, ya, all are books.

E-books I have read:

E-books I have read

Books I have read:

Books I have read

There are still 48 books shortlisted, and 1 coming soon from which I have mentioned in “The first time ever, I bought a book from“.

I think I am doing great, and may be I can read more than the target I have set. Hopefully.

The first time ever, I bought a book on

25 Feb

Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable--Includes new bonus chapter

It was long waiting ever since I wanted to try to buy a book on, and yes, I did it two days ago. It is cheaper than Malaysia and you don’t have to wait for few months to half a year for the new release book (I mean non-fiction, all those fiction book will normally release at the same day, yap, it is odd).

I bought the Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, it is a business book talking about how to being remarkable in your business. I will talk about the book next time. I have to read it first (still on the way to me).

Buying book on is easy, it gives you several option to buy the book, including an option called 1-click. yap, 1 click, click the button then you will completed your check out and paid for your book, but don’t use this option, because you won’t have a chance to review and confirm your order, everything will be don’t in 1 click, fast enough but I don’t like it.

Amazon OrderAs you can see the picture above, it gives you a very detailed information about your order including shipping estimate, delivery estimate, shipping address, Item Ordered and so. I am not showing it all, some are personal data. I choose the cheap shipping option, so it took around a month for the delivery but it is still worth to wait, lot more cheaper if I travel to KL and buy the book from Kinokuniya. I don’t even go Popular or MPH to buy this kind of book just because they don’t really have much book. Popular is more like a stationary store and MPH is more like a magazine store. They got many books, but most of them are fiction and some unknown book. I don’t like it.

Order Reminder1 thing I like the most is the reminder, if you bought a book on, everytime you browse back to the book you have bought, it will show you the reminder to remind at which date you purchased the item. has this function too but you will only see it after you add the book to your shopping cart. Not that nice compare to

That’s it, good experience and I will definitely buy books on again, until then, let’s wait till I got my book.

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine Day!

14 Feb

This post will be short, very short. I am here to say –

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine Day!

What The Power of Less Teaches Me.

8 Feb

In my previous post, I talked about The book I have read – The Power of Less, it is a book teaches you how to simplify your life and improve your productivity. A really great book, because I am following what Leo Babauta teaches me in the book now.

What I have changed? Not much, but it is impressive to me. From the book, Leo teaches us to break our goal down into manageable task and focus on single task at a time. You know what? This really work, I am able to complete more task in a day and increase my efficiency. I can now complete my important task before 12p.m everyday, and I can relax and do some others task then.

Also, I created some new habits, and a morning + evening routine, I wake up at 6a.m everyday,  do some exercise, bath & brush my teeth, choose my three most important tasks of the day, read news, and read books, and all these done before 8a.m,  then I start to do my three most important tasks, mostly 2/3 are related to my work. As I said, I manage to complete all of these three before 12p.m most of the time. Then I started my evening routine at 6p.m to 7p.m, I will review my day, do some exercise, bath and read news again. This mean I will do no more task today and start to relax the rest of the day.

One more thing is I got a minimalist desk now. I clean up everything on my desk the second day when I finished the book, when I writing this post, I only have my macbook, a note, and a bottle of water on my desk. This really help me to focus on what I have to do, really focus.

By following The Power of Less, I am now living a healthy life, a simplify life and better work environment, and I am still improving in order to make me more productive!

Mini Goal, 56 Articles Plus 3 More and 1 Book

3 Feb

Yesterday morning, I gave me a mini goal which is to read 56 articles and 1 book, so what I will write in this post is actually the result.

RESULT = I FAIL (not too far from achieving this goal)

First, let me give you a brief about what and why I am doing this.

Why 56 articles and what type of article?

I am shame about this, 56 is not a special number or a limit only for this goal. It was the article I have bookmarked for a very long time and the list keep growing every single day, so in order to be able to read all the article, I have to read it today, else it would be a huge list and I will be like spend time reading a book.

All these articles include a wide range of content, article about design, web, news, gossip, inspiration, copywriting, internet marketing, interview, history and tutorial. There are something I need to know, something I need to learn, and something I enjoy reading for.

Why plus 3 more?

Some of the articles link to another article, I only do further reading when the original article is excellent written and there are still something I need to find out, to clear my doubt.

There are good and bad article in these 56 articles, I filtered 6 bad one and bookmarked 5 again which I am going to read again next week. This happened very often because I did not read the full article when I bookmark it, I just scan through some point, and see whether I feel interest in the story or may be the writing.

1 Books –  The Power of Less by Leo Babauta

The time I was writing this post is 11.46pm yesterday, and I was fail to accomplish this goal, I have only read 84/170 pages of this book. Probably because I spent too much time hanging out with friend, which is the biggest distraction I have now. Friend asked to go night market while I was reading this book, and I was totally forgot about my mini goal and said “sure, no problem”. I realized what I am suppose to do once I back to home and it was too late.

The book is great, Leo Babauta the auther of this book teaches you how to increase your productivity and efficiency by working simply, which enable you to do less, be more effective, get more done and simplify your life. Lots of note are taken and I read some of the paragraph twice to make sure I fully understand the concept, so it took me twice the time I normally use in a book.

No excuse, I fail, but I would rather said 70% accomplishment.

70% accomplishment, why?

Two reason + 1:

  1. I have read all the article + 3 more extra.
  2. I have read almost half of the book.

and the last reason is that I have learn a lot, and I don’t want to be too harsh to myself. I have never done this before and I am really getting this work this time, and I know I will be better next time!

1 month goal, USD$1000 in a month.

28 Jan


I am actually giving me a 1 month goal starting from now, the goal is that I need to earn USD$1000 in a month. This is actually to earn an extra money and also to test the water on how to make USD$1000 from USD$0 without nothing on hand.

I haven’t figure out the plan and method on doing this, what in my mind now is that if I am able to make this extra money in a month, then there is no more difficulty for me to make this amount any after. I am getting exciting about this project, I got the time, I got the strength for this, the only thing to stop me is the experience because this is the first time I do this.

And yes, end of next month, I will provide a simple report on the result, whatever the result is.

My Favorite Game All Time: Dragon Quest VI

23 Jan

I am getting very excited now, one of my favorite game all time are going to release on Jan 28,2010, and without a doubt, I have pre-order this game on, an online game store located at Hong Kong, I think it is the best source to buy game online if you are in Malaysia.

Dragon Quest VI

Dragon Quest VI

This is it, I played this game when I was 12-13 year old, and I still remember how I was playing this game without any sleep in few days. It was released for Nintendo Console that time and I bet you all remember how expensive it was and also the game tape. I spent around RM250 to buy an original game tape, imagine how big the money is at the time 1998(I can eat around 150 times with the money).

Ok for the old story, and yes, I pre-order the game today, it is releasing for Nintendo DS, and I am glad that I know it before it release, because I got a pre-order discount + a discount coupon for this. I can’t wait to play the game, so I pay extra shipping fees to make sure that I got the game within 4 days, hopefully it will deliver to my house 1 day after it release.

I am highly recommend this game to anyone who like to play game or RPG. You can buy the game on just like me. Reminder: take some time to google for discount coupon, there are lots out there.

Some screen-shot here:

Qragon Quest VI

Qragon Quest VI

Qragon Quest VI

A Design Blog In Chinese

19 Jan

Starting a Design Blog in Chinese will be the no.1 project in 2010. There are so much blog about design, web, blogging, freelance and so around the net but I rarely found a similar blog in Chinese, so I was thinking why not to start 1 myself? It should be really fun write something what I am passionate with, and share whatever I have learned in this few years and so to all the people who speak Chinese.

How to get it work?

I am reading articles about all these field everyday and I have bunch of idea to write, to blog with. I don’t think this is really that hard at the moment.

At the starting point, I am going to use a free WordPress theme, and of course it is well design, readable, and usable. I won’t spend too much time on designing a unique theme at first as I want to really focus on the content. I will write a lot before it launch, and upload it on a schedule to make sure the continuity of the blog. I think something new to read in every 3-4 days would be nice.

What’s in the blog?

Some of the categories filled up in my mind is tutorial, inspiration, design trend, showcases, a little bit of freelance,  and what I really love – CSS. All these are still a simple sketch in my mind and it won’t be too much different at the end.

So what now?

I am still researching, I don’t even think of the blog name yet, so everything is just at the beginning stage, stay tuned.

It is a very exciting project and I am going to make it work!

Fake mail by UPS manager, virus filled E-mail

14 Jan

Today, I received a fake mail from UPS manager, telling that they failed to deliver my parcel to my address, and want me to pickup the parcel at the post office. It require you to download and print the attachment for the shipping label.

Funny is that, in the email, it say please do not reply to this e-mail because it is an unmonitored mailbox. Now the UPS manager is telling he is crap.

Do not open this email or even download the attachment, it is virus filled!